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I’m Li-aung “Lewis” Yip, from Perth, WA, Australia.

I’m a power electrical engineer. That means that I measure voltage in kilovolts, power in megawatts, and my favourite numbers are √3 and i. My work involves:

  • Power system analysis. (I simulate things blowing up.)
  • Power systems protection. (Sensors that detect when things are blowing up.)
  • Designing, building, operating, upgrading, and maintaining electrical transmission and distribution assets. (Which hopefully won’t blow up.)

My three superpowers are: making computers do what I want, drawing really good diagrams, and beating Microsoft Office until it submits to my will.

My favourite feeling in the world is to teach - usually one-on-one, with scribbled sketches on scrap paper.

I geek out about science, engineering, and IT. I’d buy a lathe, mill and welding set right now, if only I had a place to put them.

I’m “internet famous” for things I’ve done in Minecraft, and my thesis on Online Empirical Mode Decomposition.

Other places to find me

“Maintaining a large range of agilities mental and physical requires regular exercise […]. That is why the capable are always busy.” - Edgser Dijkstra, 1996.


My website tries to be like Sam Hughes’, Manfred Mornhinweg’s, Russ Cox’s, and J. B. Calvert’s.

  • Plain. No distractions.
  • Full of things that are:
    • Written by me.
    • One or more of: useful, interesting, entertaining.
    • About science, technology, engineering, math.
    • Not listicles.
  • A good citizen of the internet. (Small page sizes. HTTPS.)