`cat-herder` – a command-line tool for installing ATLauncher mod packs on servers

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Some time ago I wrote a Python script, which operates at the command line to install ATLauncher mod packs onto servers. This is handy for people who are running their Minecraft servers on a remote server, i.e. a VPS service.

The tool is called cat-herder and it is available on GitHub.

It works by getting the ‘manifest list’ of files from the ATLauncher website, then downloading all the individual files in sequence. This is exactly the same as what the ATLauncher does.

What works:

  • Tested on Linux and FreeBSD
  • Tested installing servers based on Bevo’s Tech Pack and Crack Pack.

Known issues:

  • Where a pack uses a file behind some kind of click-through barrier, i.e. Adf.ly, you will need to download those files manually. (Thanks to Cu3PO4 for bugfix related to this.)
  • Functionality that updates a server to a new mod-pack version, in place, was planned but never implemented.

I hope you find this tool useful. Please direct any bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests to the GitHub repository.

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