RotaryCraft – AC Electric Engine and Shaft Magnetizer HOWTO

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RotaryCraft’s AC Electric Engine is a cheap source of shaft power, requiring only a redstone clock input and a magnetized Shaft Core. It outputs shaft power at 512 N.m, 256 rad/s = 131 kW.

AC Electric Engine powering a Grinder.

This HOWTO details how to build all components required for an AC Electric Engine.

Step 1: Obtain Magnetised Shaft Core

The normal (non-magnetised) Shaft Core is crafted from two Shaft Unit and a HSLA Steel Ingot.

The method of obtaining magnetized Shaft Core is poorly documented. This is the thing we want:

The in game RotaryCraft Handbook mentions that the Shaft Core needs to be processed in a Magnetizing Unit, but doesn’t detail how to set this up.

General Arrangement:  The parts required are a Magnetizing Unit, a source of power for the Magnetizing Unit, and a redstone clock for the Magnetising unit.

Magnetizing Unit: Craft the Magnetizing Unit (refer RotaryCraft Handbook for recipe details.) and place this into the world.

Power supply for Magnetizing Unit: The Magnetizing Unit requires a shaft power source capable of at least 16,384 W at 2,048 rad/sec. I found the easiest way to provide this was using the Magnetostatic Engine, which converts Thermal Expansion RF power into RotaryCraft shaft power.

Open the Magnetostatic Engine’s interface by right-clicking it with an empty hand. Set the output power to 8 N.m and 2,048 rad/s (16,384 W.)

Make sure that the Thermal Expansion power duct is connected to the engine. You should have a connection “plug” as shown below. If not, break and then re-place the Thermal Expansion power duct.

Power consumption of the Magnetostatic Engine will be approx 2 RF/t which is negligible.

Redstone Clock input: The Magnetizer Unit requires a redstone clock input into the side of the machine. Note that the redstone input must be on the left or right side of the  Magnetizer Unit.

I chose to provide this with a ComputerCraft computer.

Use the following program:

while true do
  sleep (0.1)
  sleep (0.1)

Put the shaft into the Magnetizer Unit. Then wait. The magnetizing process is quite slow, so now is a good time to go for a cup of tea.

Step 2: Set up AC Electric Engine

Make your AC Electric Engine and place it into the world. Refer the RotaryCraft Handbook for recipe details.

Shaft Core: Take the magnetized Shaft Core from Step 1 and put it into the AC Electric Engine.

** Redstone Clock:** The AC Electric Engine requires a redstone clock, just like the Magnetizing Unit. Set it up in the same way as above.

Start your ComputerCraft program to provide the redstone clock. The engine will run as soon as the clock signal is provided.

RotaryCraft version: 1.6 v13

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