Booze (alcoholic drinks) are a cheap way to become as strong as an ox, provided you don't mind being as dumb as an ox.

Drinking booze

Drinking a serving of booze is a full-round action, with the effect taking hold after a minute (10 rounds).

If you drink so much that one of your ability scores is reduced to zero, you collapse (unconscious) in a drunken stupor.

Booze is considered a poison. This implies that Argonians derive no benefits or penalties from booze. It also implies that Neutralise Poison is an effective hangover remedy.

Effects of booze

Drinking booze enhances some of your abilities while penalising others.

Table: Types of Booze

Quality Name Cost Weight (per serving) Effects Description
Cheap Mazte 5 cp 1 lb +2 STR, -2 WIS, -2 INT Cheap and nasty drink made from fermented saltrice. (Rice wine)
Cheap Shein 1 sp 0.5 lb +2 CON, -2 INT A wine made from comberries. (Red wine)
Average Greef 2 gp 0.1 lb +2 STR, -2 DEX A brandy made from comberries. (Port)
Average Sujamma 10 gp 0.1 lb +4 STR, -4 INT A potent spirit distilled from Mazte. (Vodka)
Expensive Cyrodillic Brandy 100 gp 0.05 lb +2 CON, +2 CHA, -2 WIS An Imperial distilled brandy.
Expensive Flin 100 gp 0.05 lb +2 STR, +2 CHA, -2 DEX An Imperial distilled whiskey.

A bottle of Flin (1 lb, 20 servings) is very expensive, costing 2,000 gp. The high price and small weight of imported booze makes it popular with smugglers evading Imperial Census and Excise agents.

Table: Random Booze Penalties

In addition to the penalties from Table: Types of Booze, every drink of booze also incurs a random penalty from the table below.

d20 Roll Cheap Average Expensive
1 Sickened Sickened Sickened
2 Double Penalty
3 Double Penalty -4 Initiative Penalty
4 Double Penalty Normal Effects
5 -4 Initiative Penalty
7 -4 Initiative Penalty Normal Effects
10 Normal Effects
12 3d4 Temp HP
15 2d4 Temp HP 2 CON Bonus
17 2 CON Bonus
18 1d4 Temp HP 2 STR Bonus
19 2 CON Bonus 2 STR Bonus
20 2 STR Bonus

Design notes

The additional random penalties are designed to prevent players from maximising their strength by drinking until they are (nearly) unconscious from ability score drain, i.e. STR 32 (+11) and INT 1 (-5).