Character Creation

Your story begins...

As the campaign begins, it is the year 3E 427, Emperor Uriel Septim VII rules Tamriel, and you (the players) are all prisoners of the Imperial Guard.

You have been transported from the Imperial City prison, first by carriage, and now by boat, to the island of Vvardenfell in the far away province of Morrowind.

Transporting prisoners to Vvardenfell is highly unusual. The Emperor's reasons for ordering your transportation are un-known, even to your guards.

Variations to character creation rules

Character creation largely follows the normal DnD 3.5 rules, with the following additions:

  1. Race: Pick one of the nine playable races.
  2. Birthsign: Pick one of the thirteen birthsigns.
  3. Criminal Past: Pick a criminal background. (You are prisoners: what were you convicted for? Or, if you didn't do it - what were you framed for?)
  4. Abilities: 32-point buy.
  5. No flaws or traits.
  6. Age: In addition to normal effects, middle-aged characters gain one bonus feat, old characters gain another bonus feat (total two bonus feats) and venerable characters gain a further bonus feat (total three bonus feats ).
  7. Class: Classes must be appropriate for the setting. Consult the DM.
  8. Religion: If your character is religious (and particularly if they are a paladin or cleric), consult the DM for an appropriate selection of gods/daedra and domain.

Starting equipment

You begin as prisoners.

You have the commoner's outfit you are wearing. The guards have kept you fed and watered, so you are in good physical condition. Apart from that, you have no other possessions.

As part of your release, you will be issued a selection of weapons and armour. If you had a spellbook or divine focus before you were arrested, it will be returned to you.

You will be given a disbursal of 25gp to spend as you wish. You are advised to keep a small amount on hand to pay for food, lodging, and general sundries.