Criminal Background

All players begin as prisoners, who are being transported from the Imperial City prison to the far away province of Morrowind.

Pick one of the crimes below. You gain one free rank in the associated skill, and it becomes a class skill for you (regardless of your class.)

Note: Your character does not necessarily have to have committed the crime they were convicted for. They may have been framed.

Crime Skill
Pickpocketing Disguise
Murder Intimidate
Barratry Bluff
Horse Rustling Ride
Poaching Survival
Shoplifting Sleight of Hand
Prostitution Use Rope
Embezzeling Forgery
Smuggling Appraise
Daedra Worship Decipher Script
Cattle Raiding Handle Animal
Break and Enter Escape Artist

Note: The exact crime your character was convicted of is for flavour only - you can be imprisoned for any crime you like, i.e. 'defamation', 'vandalism'. However the list of skills is fixed and no substitutions are permitted.

Design note

The list of skills is purposely intended to represent skills that are rarely taken in combat-optimised character builds.