Food, Eating, and Cooking

Optional rules for eating and cooking food.

Mostly intended for roleplaying bonuses, but also provides mechanical advantages so that players are encouraged to eat. Eating also sinks a small amount of the party's resources.



You must eat, or you will starve to death.

However, eating too much is also bad.

You are what you eat. Basic food is adequate, but better food will make you stronger. See Food Bonuses below.

Note: It isn't intended that the point of CON damage is immediately healed every night, per the healing rules - suggestions for better wording are welcome.


You can prepare meals using a Craft (cooking) check.

Table: Food Values

Food value (per serving) Craft (cooking) DC Food benefit Example
1 cp or less DC 0 Averts starvation. Saltrice porridge.
5 cp or less DC 5 5% chance Saltrice porridge with a kwama egg.
5 sp or less DC 10 10% chance Kwama egg, crab meat, and scuttle pie.
5 gp or less DC 15 20% chance
Over 5 gp DC 20 40% chance

Table: Food bonuses

d20 roll Benefit
1-5 +1 temporary HP.
6-7 +1 Will save
8-9 +1 Fort save
10-12 +1 Reflex save
15 +1 all STR-based checks.
16 +1 all DEX-based checks.
17 +1 all CON-based checks.
18 +1 all INT-based checks.
19 +1 all WIS-based checks.
20 +1 all CHA-based checks.

All bonuses are morale bonuses and do not stack with other morale bonuses, including those from bardsong, consuming multiple meals, or spells like Aid.

Bonuses to 'ability-based' checks include all d20 rolls that are modified by that ability, such as saves, attack rolls, skill checks, etc.

Note: If these rules are too complicated, just award +1 temporary HP.

Table: Craft (cooking) skill bonuses

Craft (cooking) bonus Condition
- No cooking equipment. (You are improvising using your helmet as a pot, your dagger as a knife, etc.)
+1 You have basic cooking equipment (1 gp, 5 lb). Includes pot, frypan, chopping board, knife.
+2 You have a bigger set of cooking equipment (10 gp, 10 lb). Includes a few different sizes of pots and pans, a few different knives, etc.
+4 You have a full set of kitchen equipment (200 gp, 100 lb). Includes numerous pots and pans, a full set of chef's knives, specialised kitchen gadgets, and a literal kitchen sink.
- No heat source. You can only eat food that is edible without cooking.
- Open fire. You can cook without penalty.
+1 You have a stove (1 gp, 100 lb).
+2 You have a stove with an oven. (2 gp, 200 lb).