Flip Bumping

Normally, building a level 7 portal needs three L8 agents, and building a level 8 portal needs eight L8 agents.

Flip-bumping is a way to build level 7 and 8 portals, when only two agents are available.

It is called “flip-bumping” because it uses the rare “flip-card” items, the ADA Refactor and the JARVIS Virus.

How it works

Normally, each agent can only own one level 8 resonator (R8) per portal. So two agents can deploy two R8.

Flip-bumping uses a game mechanic: When a portal is flipped, all of the resonators change ownership to the same player.

Suppose Alice and Bob want to build a level 8 portal.

  • Alice and Bob each deploy an R8.
  • Alice flips the portal, waits an hour, and flips it back.
  • Because Alice flipped the portal, she now owns all the resonators, including both R8s. Bob no longer owns the resonator he originally deployed.
  • Bob can now deploy another R8. The portal now has two R8 owned by Alice, and one R8 owned by Bob.
  • Repeat this cycle five more times, until portal is level 8.

Less flips are required if more agents are available. For example, a team of five L8 agents only needs to do one flip cycle.

When you should flip-bump

Flip-bumping expensive, because it uses up rare ADA and JARVIS items.

Flip-bumping should only be used when other agents are not available, i.e. when agents are in a remote location.